"Quin-C is a very useful platform we used for an internal investigation that required the processing and review of high volume of data. The platform was very easy to use and it saved us thousands of dollars of outside counsel fees."
Sonia Zeledon, Nokia

What is Quin-C?

Quin-C is the bright new future of digital investigations. It delivers leading-edge capabilities to dramatically improve the quality and speed of your investigations.

Our pioneering platform is available in four primary configurations, from Quin-C Basic, an affordable entry-point solution, to Quin-C Collaboration, which features advanced analytics and groundbreaking technology that learns and assists your investigation.

Core to the Quin-C suite is a highly intuitive, open interface that’s easy to learn and quick to master.


  1. AI in Quin-C
INVESTIGATOR Collaboration
Subsription-Based Licensing
Align your investigative solution with your budget.
Simple, intuitive UI
Work within an intuitive, workflow-driven user experience designed to be simple and accessible to everyone.
FTK® integration
Experience seamless integration and interaction with FTK. Use and work in the same database and even the same cases without impacting performance.
Scalable Processing
Enable multiple listeners to process data at remarkable speeds and serve large numbers of users.
Enable multiple users to work on the same case at the same time sharing incites and dramatically improving review speeds.
User Limit
Fast, near-native document viewer
View documents and data in viewers that allow Excel, PowerPoint and other documents to appear almost exactly as they would in their native applications.
Cross Case Analysis
Search across countless cases, add data from different cases, and visualize and manipulate case data as though it all came from the same source.
Desktop View
Interact with Quin-C in a familiar Windows/Mac-like view, with a "desktop-like" user interface.
FTK View
Customize your user interface with a pre-designed FTK layout that provides the same panel based structure for investigators who use and appreciate that environment.
Custom View
Create custom layouts that exactly match the workflow of the various consultants they support. Offer a simple Google-like layout for users doing linear review, an image or video layout for pictorial investigations, or a datatype layout for basic law enforcement investigations.
Filter Widget
Apply simple or complex filters to your data.
Grid Widget
Get a direct view into the database and see all the metadata associated with a given document.
Thumbnail Widget
View thumbnails for any images in the case to quickly scroll through a massive number of images.
Timeline Widget
Display data from your case in an interactive timeline viewing all data in the case, just selected data or bookmarks. All timeline Images can be exported as pdf or tagged for inclusion in reports.
Social Analyzer Widget
See communications data in an intuitive, interactive graphic that can be manipulated to quickly determine what communications have taken place in the data.
Charts Widget
Create bar and pie charts to visualize any and all data in the case for either quickly assessing the data's content or creating visualizations for reports.
Coding Panel Widget
Dramatically speed the rate at which users can code documents. Create and assign custom coding panels and hotkeys for faster coding.
Autotagging Widget
Import large word lists provided by customers and automatically tag documents reactive to those terms. Auto-create tasks populated with all documents reactive to a given set of search terms.
Datatype Widget
Naturally and easily move around your data, conduct searches, and tag results with little to no experience or forensics training.
Reporting Widget
Create a report once, save it as a template and then automate all future report generation with a report writer.
Export Widget
Export data from the system with a wide range of export formats including AD1, native exports, load files for Summation, Concordance, Relativity and more, and browser briefcase.
Search Report Widget
Generate a search context report showing the basic sentences in which the search term was found. Interact directly with the index itself to quickly identify key terms in your data and how often those terms are found. Upload custom dictionaries, such as a slang dictionary, that can be used to find unique terms and phrases that may have meaning but that aren't actual words.
Bookmark Widget
Create bookmarks across your data for easy reference and organization in your investigation.
Watson Widget
Glean insights that are simply beyond the ability of humans to figure out on their own using advanced cross-case technologies.
Map Widget
Plot all geolocation data on a visual interactive world map that offers detail all the way down to the street level.
SQLite Viewer
Get superior database review capabilities and view databases exactly as it actually functions, navigating tables, writing SQL commands and parsing the database into your data set.
Image Recognition
Identify a wide range of images including weapons, drugs, nudity, documents and more.
Chat Parsing (Belkasoft)
Parse over 155 different chat applications including Wechat, Viper, Whatsapp and many, many more.
Basic Phone (Compelson)
Parse phone images and phone data. All basic phone functions are supported but many applications are not.
Advanced Phone (Compelson)
Get a wide range of phone parsing capabilities. All basic phone functions are parsed as well as a wide range of phone applications.
Job Status Widget
Quickly see the current status of all jobs running in all cases to understand exactly what is occurring on the system.
Chat Widget
Chat with your investigative team and search pervious chats automatically archived as an information repository for future learning. Limit chats to users in a given case or give access to all users across the system.
Localization Widget
Customize the interface all the way down to the words and labels used throughout the system--everything can be altered and saved as a translation.
Spreadsheet Widget
Code thousands of documents at even faster speeds than the coding panel. Compare and manipulate your data with external spreadsheets.
FTP Widget
Upload and download data to and from a given case with FTP-like speeds.
Process Data
Access the same processing capabilities as available in FTK.
Interactive Training Widget
Build or download interactive training videos that literally walk your users through whatever workflows are essential to doing their jobs.
Access a full range of redaction options including block and text based redactions.
Hex Viewer
View documents in their hex format to uncover dates or hidden values that can't be properly found in a traditional viewer.


“You are about to enter the most important and fascinating sphere of police work: the world of forensics, where victims will reach back from the grave and point back a finger accusingly at their assailant.” — Dr. R. Quincy, M.E.

Quin-C Investigator delivers powerful processing capabilities like Quin-C Basic, but with a customizable UI, robust database analysis, fully integrated visualization tools and an extendable ecosystem.

Flexible, Personalized UI

With the most advanced level of UI customization available, Quin-C Investigator lets users create a UI that exactly meets their needs and preferences. Use the free-form default desktop or an FTK®-like view, or construct a view all your own.

Desktop view
Custom view
FTK®-like view

Transformative Visualizations

Visualization tools not only help you understand your data, they can actually help you investigate your case. Quin-C supports timelines, maps, charts and link analysis, among other fully integrated and interactive tools.

Database-Version Support

FTK® users know to maintain past versions of the product in the event an old case comes back to life. Quin-C solves this problem with a version-agnostic architecture. Open any case in Quin-C regardless of the FTK version used to make it — you’ll only ever need to support one version of Quin-C, and upgrades aren’t an issue.

SQLite® Database Analysis

Quin-C not only loads and interprets data from a SQLite® database, helping you to quickly analyze its tables and contents, but also allows you to execute SQL commands. With basic knowledge of SQL, you can explore your data at a level that other forensics solutions — even FTK® — simply can’t match.

Extensive Ecosystem

Out of the box, Quin-C supports most types of evidence, but you can extend functionality and reach with powerful ADD-ONS*: Belkasoft® (for data parsing), Compelson® (for mobile data) and Google™ image recognition AI. Each snaps directly into the Quin-C interface to dramatically expand the ecosystem. *Available for Quin-C Investigator, Legal and Collaboration forms. Not available for Quin-C Basic.

250+ parsers include:
  • 155 IM formats
  • 19 browser formats
  • 13 mail formats
  • 6 cloud file formats
  • 4 P2P formats
  • 28 mobile apps
Mobile data parsing:
  • Complete phone support — analyze almost any phone on the market
  • Extensive phone app parsing
Image recognition:
  • Nudity
  • Up the skirt
  • Currency-bank notes
  • Currency-money coins
  • Drugs-alcohol
  • Drugs-drugs
  • Weapons-ammunition
  • Weapons-grenade
  • Weapons-handgun
  • Weapons-knife
  • Weapons-long gun

Integrated ecosystem expands capabilities


“Do your worst, for I will do mine!” — Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

Quin-C Collaboration delivers first-in-the-industry forensics tools with groundbreaking collaboration, data visualization and UI customization features. Our top-of-the-line integrated solution supports the unique workflow of forensics labs and makes it easier for investigation teams to locate, understand and report on key pieces of data. It’s like having a seasoned investigator by your side.

Assisted Investigation’s

Quin-C Collaboration features a Watson widget that categorizes potentially relevant documents based on the type of investigation, your previous work, and the nature of the document set. Watson learns which searches are most likely to produce positive results and suggests these back to you.

In time, Quin-C Collaboration can even pre-investigate, offering insights before you’ve read a single document.

  • Predictive codingCapitalizes on the investigators’ existing work
  • Content clusteringFinds documents with similar content

Cross-Evidence Insight

Use Quin-C Collaboration to connect the dots across data sets and automatically surface deeper insights.
In one tap or click, find where multiple pieces of media contain matching information (e.g., phones that called the same number, or computers that emailed the same address). Quin-C can also reveal if suspects were ever near each other, where they were, and when they were there.

Match data across data sets to uncover hidden relationships

Integrated Collaboration Tools

Scale the talents of your most highly trained investigators and maximize the skills of lesser-trained staff through Watson-based integrated chat, task tracking and workflow automation. Quin-C Collaboration leverages the abilities of your entire team to help each member work as productively as your best employee.

  • Tasking
  • Chat
Workflow automation

Next-Level Data Analysis

Virtually eliminate false positives — a common pitfall of grep — when searching for critical number data from governments, banks, medical systems, and more.

Using on-the-fly code execution, Quin-C lets you enter C# code directly into your system and run it against every search result. Users with virtually no programming skills can locate just about any data point, no matter how complex.

Code injection