Viewing Documents In Quin-C

The topic of viewing documents in Quin-C is the new bane of my existence. But not because Quin-C does it poorly, actually the problem is more because Quin-C does it so well. How can that be a problem you ask? Well the problem is people quickly get lulled into forgetting that there are fundamental limitations to viewing documents in a web browser. Then when they run into these limitations, it seems almost impossible to explain the various intricacies of web viewing and trade-offs available to users. It is exactly because of these intricacies that I am writing this blog. It is my hope that this can serve as a reference to Quin-C administrators so that they can tune the system to produce the best possible viewing experience for themselves and their users. So without further ado let me take you through both topic of document viewing in the web as well as how Quin-C’s viewer works.

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