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So it is very understandable that everyone seems to think only one person is working on Quin-C. The reason for that is that only one person responds on the message board, only one person writes blogs, and only one person maintains the website. Since that person is me, I figure I would take this opportunity to both explain and dispel this perspective (thought I am flattered by it). The explanation is super simple: I am really passionate about Quin-C and also, more importantly, I am the only native English speaker in the group. This means that when it comes to writing it is pretty much me and only me, which is why it looks like I am the only guy behind the curtain. However, that simply isn’t the case. So to dispel that issue once and for all I thought I would introduce you to key players on the team (the team full development team is just over 20 people and growing).

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A new way to view documents in Quin-C

I have written on the topic of viewing documents in the web in my last posting so I am going to skip much of the background related to this topic. If you haven’t read that blog please give it a quick once over. What I want to discuss in this blog post is the new integrated viewer we have introduced into Quin-C. For those of you that did read my previous blog you will know that despite the many techniques that Quin-C uses to enable superior web viewing, in the end those techniques do fall short of the perfect solution. The issues we have not been able to overcome are as follows:

1) The time and space associated with document conversion.

2) The viewing of documents that don’t convert to pdf well such as excel documents and cad documents and things like that.

3) The overall better viewing experience of a desktop viewer.

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