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Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. Let me introduce myself and this blog. First off my name is Tim Leehealey and I am one of the people behind Quin-C. I have worked at AccessData for over a decade and in the forensics market for over 15 years. I love the work, I love the market, and I love the community. If you have anything about forensics or ediscovery you want to discuss let me know and I put in my two cents (which at best is worth half a cent). As for introducing the blog, that is fairily straight forward. This will be were I put up all my thoughts on Quin-C and on the industry, but mostly on Quin-C. My goal will be to post once a week but I am not going to commit to anything because I travel way to much and lots of time have absolutely nothing to say.

For this first post I want to Explain the name Quin-C. If you are over 40, I probably don't even need to explain it, but for the rest of you Quincy ME was a show back in the 70s staring Jack Klugman. Jack Klugman was Quincy and he worked in a lab and he used forensics to figure out who killed the victum. It was a really good show and it was basically the first program that made it look cool to be in forensics (long before CSI). Anyway I loved it and when I got a chance to name a product I knew I had to pay hommage to Quincy M.E. So that is were the name comes from. If you have a chance check out the show. 

One final comment. I am a dsylexic and I can't spell at all. Not even one little bit. As a function of that my blogs will be filled with very unprofessional spelling and grammer errors. If that bothers you I appologize but it is way to hard for me to fix it so reading this blog means accepting me and all my glorious inabilities:).

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