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So it is very understandable that everyone seems to think only one person is working on Quin-C. The reason for that is that only one person responds on the message board, only one person writes blogs, and only one person maintains the website. Since that person is me, I figure I would take this opportunity to both explain and dispel this perspective (thought I am flattered by it). The explanation is super simple: I am really passionate about Quin-C and also, more importantly, I am the only native English speaker in the group. This means that when it comes to writing it is pretty much me and only me, which is why it looks like I am the only guy behind the curtain. However, that simply isn’t the case. So to dispel that issue once and for all I thought I would introduce you to key players on the team (the team full development team is just over 20 people and growing).

Tim L. (me): Most of you know me at this point so I will be brief. While I have a glorious title (Chief Evangelist), I am basically just a cog in the wheel. A passionate one for sure but a cog none the less. My responsibilities span a wide range of activities but my chief role is that of programmer. I work mostly on workflow and UI related parts of Quin-C, with an occasional foray into architecture, and I work for Arvind, who I consider a genius. I also spend a fair amount of time working with other teammates and customers to develop requirements. Finally and most obviously I write. It is my job to answer message board posts and to write the blog. One day I hope to have help on that front but for now it is me and only me, which is why everyone knows me.

Alex P.: Alex P is the most recent addition to the team. Alex comes from FIOD, the law enforcement agency of the Dutch Tax Authorization, were he was a Senior Staff Member and product owner of the Digital Investigations Network. He has almost 20 years of law enforcement experience, most of it conduction investigations or assisting other to do the same. He are AD Alex is in charge of workflow and documentation for Quin-C. He has been a huge positive addition and has made some very quick and meaningful contributions. You can thank him for the dramatic improvements in the datatype view as an example. If you are interested in helping us enhance Quin-C’s ability to quickly solve business problems, Alex is the guy to know. On the documentation side, Alex has spearheaded the manual and the installations guides, which are available on the support page of the website.

Tony R. Tony R has been working as part of the team for close to half a year and is largely responsible for the improving quality of the product. He not only runs the QA team but is in charge of all of our integrations and third party efforts. You can thank Tony for the image recognition, Database analysis, our growing log analysis and more. The other great part about Tony is he is also a native English speaker so I am hoping his posts and writing efforts will at least start to reduce the impression that I am the only guy here.

Arvind C. If there is Quin-C Grand Master it is Arvind. He is the chief architect, the head developer, and generally the brains behind the whole thing. We all basically work for Arvind and when I pretending to be a Quin-C guru, it is only possible because Arvind was nice enough to tell me what he did and how it works. He has been working on AD products for going on 15 years and knows everything there is to know about them. He is the reason Quin-C can scale well beyond FTK, can serve up web pages without a web server, supports both a new and legacy agent, and was recently able to introduce QView.

Jonathan S. Jonathan S. has worked with AccessData for 7 years; working his way from TAM in the early days to Senior Director of International Engineering, now managing pre/post-sales engineers, and is the field lead for Quin-C and a member of the Quin-C steering committee. He has worked in IT for 20+ years, has a BSc (1st Hons) in Forensic Computing and cut his Forensic teeth in a UK Hi Tech Crime Unit. He typically interacts with our most valued customers and has worked on hundreds of implementations, which makes him an ideal sounding board for all Quin-C roadmap and roleout activities.

Zhang W. Zang Wang is in charge of our offline translation efforts. He built the framework we use and constructs the translations matrix that allows us to translate back and forth between the many languages we support. We currently support close 50 language pairs and will continue to add and improve as we can. 

Igore L. Igore Heads our agent team, which is the heart of our efforts in the enterprise market. The agent team is responsible for maintaining compatibility between all the various types of machines we support. They are also responsible for delivering the innovative peer-to-peer architecture behind Quin-C’s new agent, and why Quin-C can search thousands of machines at the same speed AD enterprise can search one. The agent team consist of a several developers with a wide range of skill levels in the area of file system and memory analysis on multiple operating systems.

Adam B.: Adam is our app developer. Although we have only just begun to explore this area of our roadmap we see quite a lot of opportunity to further advancement on this front. Our end goal is to deliver several different apps that cater to the different needs of the users that interact with Quin-C.

Parsing: There actually isn’t a head of the parsing team, and I would call it more of a collective then a team. We source our parsers from a wide range of locations and have quite an extensive effort on this front. In addition, to developing our own parses we have taken an aggressive partnership based approach to this issue with the hopes of delivering an ecosystem of parsers capable of dealing with just about any data source.

Abdes A. Okay technically I should not include Abdes on this list because he isn’t an engineer, and this is a list of the technical team. That said Abdes has more than earn his place on the list. While I may have been the guy that started the coding, Abdes was there from the beginning feeding me requirements and helping me set direction. In addition, he is responsible for pushing the product into the market and getting us the early adopters that have enabled us to go so far so fast. As a result of his early participation and market facing role, Abdes has become one of, if not the most, influential voices when setting Quin-C’s roadmap.

So those are the key people on the Quin-C development team. The team is extremely diverse, represents seven countries, has hundreds of years of development experience, and most importantly is passionate about what we are doing. Over the next few years it is our goal to literally transform digital investigations so that our users can do a one hundred times as much as they can do today.

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