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  • Database Parsing
    Databases are everywhere. Every meaningful investigation involves a database in one way or another. Database are used to hold just about everything ranging from simple use
  • QView Roadmap & Strategy
    QView has finally grown sufficiently large in scope and capability that it is worthy of a blog. My goal here is to drill into QView, explain what it is, where it is going,
  • The road forward
    I think 2018 is going to be a truly great year for Quin-C and the goal of this blog post is to convince you I am correct:). 2016, was project inception and definition. 201
  • Where we are now:
    So I know this might be a boring topic because everyone wants to know were we are going but we have covered so much ground in the last few months that I think it is worth
  • Quin-C Roadmap
    I get asked all the time what doe the roadmap for Quin-C look like. I answer the question the same way every time: "What would like it to look like." I know it isn't a pro
  • Welcome to The Quin-C Blog
    Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. Let me introduce myself and this blog. First off my name is Tim Leehealey and I am one of the people behind Quin-C. I have

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