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  • Data specific widgets
    For the longest time I have tried to stay away from the idea of data source specific widgets. The idea I was that we should build raw capabilities like the timeline widget
  • Summation Parity
    For way too long people have been asking is Quin-C a viable replacement for Summation. Since the inception of that question my answer has always been the same: “What does
  • Acquisition Widget Road-Map
    I hate, hate, hate roadmaps. They are definitely not your traditional win/win. In fact they are more like lose/lose/lose. Customers lose because they don’t fully understan
  • Meet the team
    So it is very understandable that everyone seems to think only one person is working on Quin-C. The reason for that is that only one person responds on the message board,
  • QView
    I have written on the topic of viewing documents in the web in my last posting so I am going to skip much of the background related to this topic. If you haven’t read that
  • Viewing Documents In Quin-C
    The topic of viewing documents in Quin-C is the new bane of my existence. But not because Quin-C does it poorly, actually the problem is more because Quin-C does it so wel
  • Quin-C Architecture
    Currently the most common request I get is to explain Quin-C’s architecture. I have been asked it enough times that I figured it merited a blog entry of its own, so here g
  • Features & Bugs & Errors
    Blog post like these are why I have my own website:). If you are like me you are tired of the lack of transparency in the software industry. Every product I have OEM’ed an

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