"Quin-C is a very useful platform we used for an internal investigation that required the processing and review of high volume of data. The platform was very easy to use and it saved us thousands of dollars of outside counsel fees."
Sonia Zeledon, Nokia

What is Quin-C?

Quin-C is groundbreaking investigation technology that uncovers critical evidence faster, makes more meaningful connections across data, and builds stronger cases. Quin-C empowers investigative, forensic, IT and legal teams at every skill level to conduct and close more accurate, advanced investigations faster than ever before.


Fast, near-native viewers including QView
Targeted, scalable processing

Get powerful filtering capabilities, legendary processing speed and the ability to serve large numbers of concurrent users.

Fast, near-native viewers including QView
Fully customizable HTML5 UI

Work within an intuitive, widget- and workflow-driven user interface designed to be simple and accessible to everyone.

Cross-case search / multi-case analysis
Cross-case search / multi-case analysis

Connect the dots across data sets for smarter, responsive investigations.

Fast, near-native viewers including QView
Fast, near-native viewers including QView

Leverage full document markup and spreadsheet deep-dive capabilities, or sync with our streamlined QView to convert common documents into JavaScript™ rendered versions for lightning-fast review.

Fast, near-native viewers including QView
Integrated visualizations

Make large, diverse data sets digestible with interactive timelines, maps, charts and social communication analysis.

Fast, near-native viewers including QView
Extensive integrated ecosystem

Get near-instantaneous access to your data for faster analysis.

Comprehensive digital investigation solution

Quin-C elevates the AccessData solutions you already know and trust, to give you maximum control over the way you process, locate, analyze and report on key pieces of data. Built with an open interface widget infrastructure, Quin-C lets you add powerful capabilities to its core features, for a custom, integrated investigation solution to fit any need and budget.

For single investigations

Quin-C’s core functionality gives the single investigator everything needed to streamline investigations, plus easy integration with FTK®—allowing you to open and work any case regardless of its original database version in FTK. Customize a new view or leverage a predesigned, panel-based FTK layout for a familiar workspace.

For collaborative investigations

Quin-C’s full-featured solution supports the unique workflow of forensics labs and makes it easier for investigation teams to locate, understand and report on key pieces of data. Get all of Quin-C’s powerful core features, plus automated tasking, integrated collaboration capabilities and first-in-the-industry machine-learning tools for assisted investigations.

For e-discovery

Quin-C improves response efficiency with rapid access, capture and analysis of vast document sets in a single integrated solution. Systematic lit hold and targeted data collection (from single custodian to environment-wide) provide results that are defensible throughout the EDRM. Fully compatible with AD eDiscovery.

For post-breach, HR and compliance

Quin-C delivers unmatched remote forensics capabilities to help you conduct legally defensible investigations. Machine learning functionality helps you surface and categorize relevant data; culling and filtering tools minimize collection of irrelevant data. Perform targeted processing, get expanded custom parsing capabilities and create visualizations that transform your understanding of your data—and can even help investigate your case. Fully compatible with AD Enterprise.

For processing and ECA

With Quin-C, service providers can offer AccessData’s renowned high-speed processing and user-friendly early case assessment capabilities for use in a variety of final review platforms, including direct connection to Relativity®. Easily manage users and cases; even track customer billing automatically right in the app.

For legal review and production

Quin-C speeds linear review and delivers results that are transparent and legally defensible. Document clustering and predictive coding capabilities leverage machine learning to automatically categorize documents, saving steps and time. Industry-leading document viewers, automated prep and templated reporting features make review and production remarkably efficient. Interoperates seamlessly with Summation®, too.


Pioneering technology for dynamic investigations

Quin-C delivers a continually expanding array of features designed to meet new investigative demands. Get the latest functionality with a simple refresh thanks to our widget-based architecture—no waiting for a major software release.

Reveal connections and discover insights.

Quin-C delivers advanced tools that make it easy to search across cases and make large, diverse data sets digestible, for deep cross-evidence insights.

  • Cross-case contacts and geo-location analysis
  • Multi-case analysis including watchlists
  • Predictive coding
  • Document clustering
  • Timelines, maps, charts and social communication analysis
  • Auto-tagging
  • Custom coding including code injection
  • SQLite® database analysis*
* Available with Quin-C for an additional fee.
  • Predictive codingCapitalizes on the investigators’ existing work
  • Content clusteringFinds documents with similar content

Guide current and future investigations.

Maximize resources with tools for establishing workflows, assigning, tracking and automating tasks, and collaborating across teams. Quin-C’s machine-learning capabilities monitor every step to help surface more accurate and relevant findings, faster. Apply learnings to past, present and future cases to dramatically improve efficiency and throughput.

  • AI-assisted workflow automation (Hercule)
  • Content AI
  • Tasking / tag-based auto-tasking
  • Integrated chat
  • Training videos and message board

  • Tasking
  • Chat
Workflow automation

Transform the investigative environment.

Streamline your work environment with a fully integrated investigative solution, accessible anywhere from any device. Quin-C’s web-based interface lets you choose the right view for any end user. Leading-edge administrative tools help you get a quick handle on your cases and support large numbers of concurrent users.

  • Customizable HTML5 UI
  • System- and case-level dashboards
  • Load balancing
  • Optional deployment in your choice of cloud environments*
* AD Cloud Solutions require a separate licensing agreement.
Desktop view
Custom view
FTK®-like view

Accelerate access to your data.

Quin-C optimizes the ways you preserve, collect, process, filter and view data, so you can launch cases with the speed you expect from AccessData.

  • Templated lit hold notification and tracking
  • Culling and filtering tools
  • Evidence preview
  • Tactical, targeted processing
  • Export to Relativity®
  • Custom extraction parsers
  • Third-party parsers for chat (Belkasoft®) and phone (Compelson®) data*
  • Market-leading OCR with ABBYY® FineReader® Engine†
  • Proprietary Quin-C image recognition* and/or Google Images™ AI*
  • Near-native document viewer and/or QView (Javascript™ rendered document review)
  • Virtual column import
† Valid ABBYY® FineReader® license required. * Available with Quin-C for an additional fee.
Evidence preview for targeted processing

Gain efficiency and boost productivity.

Quin-C provides tools to automate tasks, streamline productions and help you deliver final documents in less time.

  • Tabbed production
  • PDF merge and document unitization
  • Expanded Bates searching
  • Auto-redaction / anonymization
  • Custom slip-sheets
  • Templated reporting
  • Data export in AD1, load files, Browser Briefcase, native format and more

Tabbed production
Auto-redaction / anonymization

AccessData supports the needs of investigative teams with ongoing innovations.

We created Quin-C in collaboration with the investigative community—and we’re continually innovating to meet customers’ needs.

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